How Do I Get My Site White-listed for Email Marketing Campaigns?

Why is my site not White-listed?

If you find that your email marketing campaigns are not sending out right away it may be due to your site not being white-listed.

If your Email Marketing campaign has over 2,000 recipients, your site will be manually checked by Business Catalyst until your site is White-listed.

How Does a Site Get White-listed?

  • First 3 emails are always going to be checked by BC
    • If these emails meet the following threshold then you will be whitelisted
      • Not denied by support or marked as spam
      • Less than 10% bounce rate
  • Your website has to be live for at least 7 days 

Schedule Your Campaigns Early

If you are sending campaigns to over 2,000 recipients, we recommend you setup and schedule your campaign days in advance, to give BC enough time to review and publish the campaign.

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